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Michelle Hargreaves

Executive Leadership Coach

Hargreaves Company Inc. is a Calgary based Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Company specialized in individual, team and organizational performance and vitality.

HCI maximizes leadership performance and builds organizational health.

We work with organizations to enhance their leadership development, aligning leaders with their passion, knowledge, confidence and skills to deliver on strategy and organizational sustainment. Our programs positively impact organizational performance and integrity, accelerating leadership capability through emotional intelligence, resilience and neuro agility.

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Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential. A framework for change, coaching invites new thinking, accelerated growth and transformation.

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Executive Coaching

Accelerating Leadership and Organizational Success

Executive Coaching is an investment in an organization’s human capital, supporting the performance and vitality of Executive Leaders and their Teams. Coaching helps senior leaders refocus, integrating business and personal priorities, sharpen their leadership skills and optimize their performance, yielding transformational results. Enlisting the guidance and objectivity of a leadership coach enables executives to rethink and prepare for the next chapter of business.

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Organizational Leadership Coaching

Building your Leadership Bench

Leadership Coaching compliments leadership development by fostering positive, systemic transformation within organizations.  Today’s leaders recognize the need for a strategic growth mindset, a collaborative culture, technological savvy and a humanized and agile bench of leaders.

Team Coaching

Aligning People with a Common Purpose

Team Coaching is a natural extension of Leadership Coaching and works to strengthen the team as a system while also building individual capabilities. Our process accelerates team effectiveness and performance.

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Life Coaching

Fully Engaged in What Matters Most… Your Life

Life Coaching is a synergistic relationship between client and coach designed to tap into your full potential and effect significant sustainable change in your life.

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HCI uses scientifically validated technologies to assess and improve your team’s effectiveness. Identifying individuals uniqueness, we work to inspire and strengthen the emergent traits of the team allowing you to conceive a membership of engaged, empowered, and effective performers.

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Measuring the Diversity, Performance and Health of your Team

Our assessment process identifies the strengths and opportunities to build high performance teams.

Team Building

Performance and Relationship

Team Building … a team that plays together stays together.

Team Coaching

Aligning People with a
Common Purpose

Team Coaching is a natural extension of Leadership Coaching and works to strengthen the team as a system while building individual capabilities. Our process accelerates team effectiveness and fulfilment.

Workshops and Retreats

HCI helps organizations develop skills to scale their business for maximum profits and marketplace impact. Our customized workshops inspire participation, resulting in positive and measurable change. Our process includes a solid understanding of your unique footprint, including culture, talent and business objectives.

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Aligning Others with Meaning and Purpose

Workshops … HCI works with clients to design and facilitate customized workshops that inspire participation and result in positive and measurable change.  Build community through common issues.

Lunch and Learn

Short, Sweet and Meaningful

Our lunch and learn programs offer a nutritional way to foster community and continuous learning in your organization.


Up-close and Personal

Team retreats are a growing trend in the corporate world.  Leaders recognize the benefits of taking their people outside of their work environments to decompress, reflect and strategize into the future.  A retreat is a great way for the team to appreciate their past efforts, deepen relationships, strengthen the health a team and fully align on organizational and team initiatives.

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Keynotes, Conference Break-Outs, Special Interest


Spreading the word.

We are available to deliver a keynote speech, a breakout session, or participate in a panel discussion.

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