Hargreaves Company Inc. is a Calgary based Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Company specialized in enhancing individual, team and organizational performance and vitality.

Our Mission

To inspire, develop and empower the hearts and minds of leadership at all levels of the organization. Align talent with purpose, preparing today’s workforce for tomorrows future.


building organizational health and sustainability.

Today unprecedented change is a major catalyst to radically rethink how we attain success and remain significant.  The game changers recognize the importance of a growth mindset, collaborative culture, tech savvy, a humanized workplace and an agile workforce.  Tomorrows leaders practice adaptive thinking, social and emotional intelligence and authenticity…. they are curious  and comfortable with ambiguity and are future- focused on long term sustainability.  Keenly connected to their talent, they are deliberate in developing and empowering the spirit of their people.

HCI works with organizations to enhance their leadership development, aligning leaders with their passion, knowledge, confidence and skills to deliver on strategy and organizational sustainment. Our programs positively impact organizational performance and integrity, accelerating leadership capability through emotional intelligence, resilience and neuro agility.

We equip today’s workforce with the necessary skills, tools and behaviors to thrive in the ever changing world of work.

Our integrated learning approach allows employees to lean into their intrinsic strengths, build emotional intelligence and broaden their thinking through neuroscience.  Our well-being programs promotes resilience training to understand, regulate and leverage emotional, mental and physical health.  A balanced focus on optimizing performance and relationships, our model cultivates a collaborative culture, building interpersonal connections and shared leadership at all levels.

Our programs support leaders and teams through their change initiatives, team and talent development, employee engagement, cultural shifts and organizational sustainability.

HCI Values


We do what we say we will do. We are honest and practice strong moral principles


We use our knowledge and experience to make good decisions.


We stay true to our character, being real and true. 


We go farther together. We believe in connection, nothing and no one works in isolation.


We believe there is enough to go around, we share in plenty.

Growth & Achievement

We are front runners, committed to improvement and progress.  We believe that achievement builds character. 


We are game changers, naturally creative and curious.


We take pride in the human spirit.


Michelle Hargreaves

About Michelle

Michelle Hargreaves is an ICF Certified Professional, PCC Coach and Team Facilitator.

Michelle has over 25+ years’ experience in corporate leadership and business development and is recognized for guiding leaders and teams to engage their energy in productive and profitable ways.

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As a seasoned executive, Michelle brings her business acumen to the coaching arena and works with leaders and their teams in reaching their full potential and purpose. Michelle has been working in the field of coaching and leadership development since 2003. Her 25+ years of business experience includes business development, sales leadership, team play, coaching and consulting roles within the corporate, government, non-profit and private sectors. Prior to coaching, Michelle spent 12 years in the hospitality industry as a member of the executive team and Director of Sales for Hyatt Hotels, Delta Hotels and Telus Convention Centre. Michelle’s results orientation and a keen ability to develop and implement strategies to maximize profitable growth has contributed to her recognition and sales leadership in medical, insurance and other B2B industries. Michelle has coached leaders at all levels of the organization effecting behavioural change and impacting bottom line results. Her passion and areas of strength include authenticity, leadership presence and brand, emotional intelligence, resilience, communication, influence, team effectiveness, conflict and building trust. Michelle’s style is genuine, bright and invites trust. She has a natural way of tapping into an individual’s authenticity and purpose and engaging them in their work and life in a deep and powerful way. An experienced Coach, Michelle supports executives in strengthening their leadership effectiveness, foster a winning mindset and build organizational vitality. She invites leaders to fully leverage their intrinsic strengths and bring awareness and strategies to their blind spots, helping them move through roadblocks. An advocate of team play, Michelle has a passion for developing people to their fullest potential and in accelerating achievement and collective resilience. Her success is attributed to a highly professional attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, belief in partnerships and a commitment to a process of lifelong learning.

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