The Resilience Advantage™

The Resilience Advantage™ speaks to the heart of people’s everyday experience addressing important topics such as vitality, stress, motivation, decision-making, relationships and health. In this era of accelerated global change, the need for people to learn evidence-based skills and practical strategies to improve resilience, vitality and overall well-being while lowering stress has never been greater.

Resilience-building skills are becoming essential for both personal and professional effectiveness as people cope to live in these fast-moving complex times.

Balance Care vs. Overcare

Overcare is one of our biggest energy deficits, and it’s at the root of a lot of other unpleasant states, including anxiety, fear and depression. Overcare has many forms. Some are obvious and others are more subtle. What distinguishes over care from appropriate care is the heavy, stressful feeling that accompanies it. Overcare siphons off the potency of our intended care and reduces its effectiveness. It encompasses and gives birth to many of our least desirable emotional states such as disappointment, guilt, anxiety, insecurity and envy.

Distinguish the fine line between balanced care and overcare, the signs and attitudes of overcare and learn how seeing a bigger picture can build resilience and support your health and well-being.

Creating Resilience in the Workplace

Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

At the program’s core are easy-to-learn self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices that help individuals become more physiologically and emotionally balanced. By improving their levels of internal coherence, a more optimal physiological state is experienced as reflected in the harmonious functioning of the body’s mental, emotional and physical systems. With practice, it is possible to shift to a more coherent and composed state before, during and after challenging or adverse situations, thus maximizing mental clarity and emotional stability. Improved composure facilitates clearer thinking and a stronger identity with organizational purpose and core values and an improved work culture.

Empowered Leadership Program

Emotional Intelligence and Resilience for Senior Leaders

More than ever organizations are struggling with complex challenges and unprecedented change. Navigating, leading and managing this change is a key competency for organizational vitality and sustainability. For leaders to thrive in today’s business environments, they must find comfort with discomfort amid ambiguity and uncertainty. In addition to delivering on the traditional business metrics, leaders need to project a calm and confident demeanor, sustain optimal performance levels, demonstrate effective decision making, attract and retain talent and build credibility with diverse stakeholders. Organizations rely heavily on their leader’s ability to inspire a vision, enable and challenge its workforce and encourage the heart of its constituents. Vital to success is developing leadership resilience and emotional Intelligence, enhancing a productive and healthy workplace.
The Empowered Leadership Program is a two-day workshop designed to support leadership development and well-being through Emotional Intelligence and Resilience learning.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

The Workshop

This workshop is designed to assess individual’s EQ, explore the implications of their EQ footprint and build strategies to strengthen self-awareness, self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision making and stress management skills. Participants will come away with an in-depth understanding of Emotional Intelligence and its value at work and play. The workshop is interactive with a lot of discussion, workplace examples, learning activities, self-reflection and planning to apply the learning.

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